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ClearSpace’s power in defending against harmful bacteria and viruses comes from its signature formula that has been tested and proven for over 15 years. The main active ingredient in ClearSpace has been shown to have incredible anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, validated in the lab by third party European tests. When used against a COVID-19 surrogate, ClearSpace was shown to be 99.99% effective in killing it.

These tests were undertaken at the same standards used to validate other products’ effectiveness in the medical field, including hygienic hand rubs, hygienic hand wash, and other medical-grade disinfectant and sanitation methods. While ClearSpace should be used as a complement to the disinfecting process, this testing proves that ClearSpace is an essential component in any post-pandemic health and safety strategy and should be the first line of defense for keeping you, your family, colleagues, and the wider community safe from illness.

For more information about ClearSpace, visit our FAQ page.

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