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Cleaning Tips to Help Keep Viruses Including COVID-19 Out of Your Home

As the world around us slowly opens up again and we are able to step out of our homes, our biggest concern is keeping outside, outside. With a combination of pets running between yard and home, kids on summer break, warm weather, and increased outdoor activities, you’re likely to be cleaning your home more regularly. Adding a global virus to the mix means taking cleaning and protecting your home, a step further. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting are a good start but using a surface protectant product such as ClearSpace will keep surfaces bacteria and virus-free, and it is the best way to keep your home safe.

How a Surface Protectant Product Keeps Your Home Safe—Advantages of Using ClearSpace  

Regular cleaning/disinfecting products are what clean our surfaces of bacteria and germs, until more contaminants come along. Using ClearSpace after your cleaning and disinfecting routine is what will truly keep your home safe. ClearSpace is a surface protectant product that keeps surfaces free from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold for up to 90 days by destroying these contaminants on contact. This is not to be confused for a regular house cleaning product and is intended to be used after cleaning and disinfecting a surface.

So, how can you incorporate a surface protectant product like ClearSpace into your home?

Here are a few cleaning tips that will help keep viruses including COVID-19 out of your home:

  • Keep Everyday Items Clean
    Everyday items and surfaces which are considered “high touch” surfaces have constant exposure to bacteria and viruses. Phones, door handles, light switches and car keys are touched by people going in and out of your home multiple times a day. To ensure they don’t breed germs, disinfect these surfaces first and then evenly spray ClearSpace from 6-8 inches away. Use a paper or microfiber towel to make sure it’s even and let dry for 2-3 minutes.
  • Not A Fan of Cleaning? Clean those Fans!
    With warm weather around the corner, central cooling systems and fans are circulating the air we breathe in our homes, so let’s keep it clean. After cleaning air filters and ceiling/floor fans, applying ClearSpace means there is no need to disinfect for the next 90 days. ClearSpace is also approved to be sprayed onto HVAC filters to combat the spread of airborne germs.
  • Staying Safe is the New Style! 
    Where we go, so do our clothes. We pick up bacteria on our facemasks, jackets, pants and more, by simply going outside. While that sounds worrisome, it won’t stop us from going out. By using ClearSpace on cotton/polyester apparel, athletic gear, sports equipment and facemasks, you get to keep your home protected. For these items, spray ClearSpace from 6-8 inches away, let it dry and stay protected for up to 20 washings.

By incorporating this long-lasting surface protectant product into your cleaning routine, you get to disinfect less and worry less. Keep your home virus and COVID-19-free with ClearSpace, and your peace of mind intact.

If you have any questions about ClearSpace antimicrobial barrier treatment, contact us or click here to order this breakthrough surface protectant product and stop the spread of germs for up to 90 days.

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