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How to Open and Keep Your Restaurant Safe During and After COVID-19

If you are a restaurant owner, one of your biggest concerns is likely how to keep COVID-19 out of your workplace. Now, there are several key precautions you must take in order to open your establishment safely, such as upgrading your cleaning and sanitation efforts, disinfecting all surfaces and high touch point areas, educating your staff on the virus including how to protect themselves and others. Using disinfectants alone is not enough to achieve full protection. An effective surface protectant barrier spray provides the important element of “insurance.”  Simultaneously, it’s important to reinforce proven best practices: wearing a mask, social distancing practices and frequent hand washing.

How to Protect Your Restaurant, Employees and Customers During the Pandemic

As restrictions are being lifted across the country, more restaurants are getting the opportunity to open up and welcome back patrons. While the prospect of society turning the corner on this pandemic is exciting, extra measures are required to reduce the risk for your employees, customers and the community at large.

Here are a few ways to maintain a healthy restaurant environment so you can open and operate as safely as possible:

  • Clean, Disinfect and provide long lasting protection: Surfaces and high touch point areas such as door handles, cash registers, workstations and bathroom stalls, must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Use only EPA certified products like, ClearSpace, a surface protectant barrier product that kills germs and provides 90 days of residual protection. It’s active ingredient was developed specifically to combat germs in the food preparation and kitchen areas.
  • Limit Shared Objects: Discourage sharing objects between employees which are difficult to clean and sanitize. Also, avoid using items that are reusable such as menus, condiment bottles or any other food containers that can’t be thoroughly disinfected. Instead use disposable food service items where possible and encourage touchless payment options.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that your restaurant is well-ventilated and your ventilation system is operating properly. If the weather permits, increase the amount of outdoor air circulation throughout the establishment and promote outdoor seating.
  • Modify Your Layout: Change your restaurant layout to accommodate proper social distancing requirements. Seating capacity should also be limited and you can ask customers to wait outside or in their cars if they are waiting to be seated or picking up food. Physical, Plexi-glass barriers should also be installed where maintaining a 6ft distance is a challenge.

Find a Range of ClearSpace Products that are Perfect for Your Business

ClearSpace surface protectant is a long-lasting, breakthrough product that can mitigate risk and maintain the health and safety of your employees and customers. Our surface protectant spray is a completely non-toxic, food-safe product that is designed to kill COVID-19 and other harmful germs on contact, while creating a biostatic barrier that prevents surface recontamination for up to 90 days. From 4oz spray bottles to 5-gallon drums, our range of products provide a perfect solution for your business. Feel confident about opening your restaurant and keeping it that way with ClearSpace.

If you have any questions about our range of ClearSpace surface protectant, contact us or click here to order this breakthrough product to use around your restaurant and stop the spread of germs for up to 90 days.

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