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4oz Spray Bottle Value Pack – Save 40%


ClearSpace 4oz Spray Bottle Value Pack – Save $40%
Includes (1) 4oz spray bottle,  (1) facemask

ClearSpace is a breakthrough product designed to kill germs on contact and keep them from spreading for up to 90 days.

Surfaces sprayed or wiped down with ClearSpace are protected from microbes such as viruses, including COVID-19, bacteria (staph, strep, E-Coli, pneumonia), fungi and mold (full list is available). It is a safe, odorless, colorless, invisible and easy to apply product, and will not stain surfaces to which it is applied.

The ClearSpace cotton face mask has been tested to stop 92% of germ droplets and can be sprayed with ClearSpace to deliver even  more protection and the barrier lasts for 20 machine washings.

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